Female Composers

Episode 5 Under the Skin v La Marche de l'Empereur

This month we do two firsts, our first foreign language film (not counting Mad Max) and far more importantly our first movies scored by female composers - Micah Levi’s score for the disturbing Under the Skin and Emilie Simone’s for the adorable La Marche de l’Empereur (which was released with some changes for the English-speaking world as The March of the Penguins)


Rounds for this month

1 – Opening Themes/Introduction of Characters

2 – Danger

3 - Intimacy and Raw Emotion

4 - Production

5 - Legacy and Impact

Added bonus - an article Ella mentions from Limelight magazine about female composers, in particular the Russian composer Leokadya Kashperova - https://www.limelightmagazine.com.au/features/gabriella-di-laccio-theres-still-a-lot-of-ignorance-of-the-repertoire-written-by-women/


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