Episode 11 Legend (1985) v Legend (1985)

It’s a very special episode as we review two scores for the SAME FILM.

Ridley Scott’s 1985 film Legend was released with two different scores. A Jerry Goldsmith orchestral score in Europe, and a Tangerine Dream electronic score in North America (and Russia, go figure)

Rounds for this month

1 – Lily and Jack

2 – Unicorns

3 – The Waltz

4 – Villians

5 - Production and techniques

Special treat – for those who like to geek out on synths, or just want to be more like Ella (don’t we all) here is an album listing of the Tangerine Dream version of the soundtrack with a list of all the synthesizers they used (towards the bottom of the page) - https://bit.ly/2FF24Ix

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