Tristellar scores first short film – Loose Ends

In Loose Ends, a new short thriller by Aidan Egan Tranter, a man comes out of the darkness. But what is he after? Revenge? Resolution?

It was a real thrill to work on Loose Ends. The film is dark, moody and very stylish, we knew we wanted to work from it from the moment we saw the opening scene. To make things even better, Aidan had a great vision of how the movie should look and sound. It’s always a pleasure to work with directors who have a good ear.

The film was also a great opportunity to stretch our musical style. It called for heavy and brooding electro-orchestral music in the style of Dave Porter (Breaking Bad) and Jeff Beale (House of Cards, Blackfish). This made it the perfect debut project for Tristellar Music. The main track, “Can’t have loose ends”, underscores an extremely intense conversation in a key scene. Tristan’s string chords and dark harmonies are interspersed with beats, pads and sound design from Ellakova. It was a great challenge to find just the right emotional notes to hit while also keeping out of the way of the excellent performances of Will Brettle and the fantastically named Indigo Cider.

Loose Ends was released on YouTube on 1 December 2017. You can see it below.


We hope you enjoy it.