New Short: A Madman's Manuscript

We’ve scored another piece from Cue Pictures’ ‘One Short Film a Month’ project.  

A Madman’s Manuscript is a short film written and directed by Louise C Galizia based on a short story in Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers. With references to the #MeToo campaign, this film explores what people are willing to turn a blind eye to for their own personal gain.

This was a particularly fun film to work on. It’s extremely stylish and Gothic, while also being grungy and modern. One thing that the shabby interiors and shaky, grainy footage reminded us of immediately was the music video for Breathe by the Prodigy. We worked both of those elements into the soundtrack, combining some Prodigy-inspired metallic beats with ‘period’ elements such as a Victorian era music box and violin. We also got to work with the laughter and screams of the actors, which we turned into manic sound effects.